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Your doorway to unlimited self expression

Oct 5, 2018

Hey, get over it and move on!

Gerald’s guest is Tim Gard, top motivational speaker and corporate entertainer, known for bringing tears of laughter to audiences worldwide. More than an insightful and funny guy, Tim teaches people to be more resilient and resourceful using their own comedic style. Gerald and Tim talk about turning frustration into comedy – and inspiration. Tim also gives tips on dealing with stress and getting started in public speaking. #amwriting #selfpub #podcast

Tim's book is Just Plane Funny. Hate to fly? You can get over that, too. You can book Tim for your event at

Also on the show, a spirited, full, and frank exchange of views with opinionated co-hosts Cheyenne Cockrell and Thomas Page about how they get over the hump, writing fiction or nonfiction.