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Jun 22, 2019

Listen to the new mystery-thriller

Preacher Finds a Corpse

in 24 daily half-hour episodes
starting Sunday, July 7 at 7:30 PM Eastern Time

(Listen whenever you like. Each episode will stay live for three days.)

That's right. Starting Sunday evening on the holiday weekend (July 7), we'll be posting Preacher Finds a Corpse: An Evan Wycliff Mystery in a daily series of half-hour episodes (some longer, some shorter). Posts will show up in our feed at 7:30 PM each night Eastern Time, until the last episode on Tuesday evening, July 30. Each episode will stay live for three days, so you can listen at your convenience. #ALAAC19 #podcast #audiobook #mysterythriller #booklovers #bookreviewers

Or, if you can't wait and love to binge, you will be able to buy your own copy of the audiobook from Audible or Amazon.

Book release in paperback and ebook (Kindle and EPUB/Nook) won't be until August 12. You can pre-order books from your favorite bookseller.

Here's the story. A lapsed divinity student who is fascinated by astrophysics finds his best friend shot dead in a cornfield. It looks like suicide. Having returned to his farm roots near Lake of the Ozarks, Evan works as a skip tracer for the local car dealer. He learns his friend was involved in a dispute over farmland ownership that goes back two centuries - complicated now by plans to make an old weapons facility into a tourist attraction. First in a series.

Image credit: Jose De Jesus Cervantes Gallegos © Audiobook © 2019 La Puerta Productions.